5 Quick and Easy Tips to Overcome Insomnia and Sleep Better

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Close to half of the human population will experience sleep problems at some point in their lives.

Stressed out over deadlines at work? Just got dumped by a lover? Worried about financial problems? All these stresses and niggling issues can and usually will wreak havoc in your mind.

A mind that’s constantly overthinking is one that has difficulty calming down long enough to allow you to sleep.

While there may be issues like sleep apnea or other health problems that may adversely affect you, in this article we’ll assume that you do not have these problems. Usually, such problems are best handled by a medical professional who may be able to conduct sleep tests on you, etc.

In this post, we’ll look at 5 ways to encourage your body to calm down and rest more easily. These tips will help most people with sleep problems, because in most cases, the insomnia is caused by stress and a hyperactive mind.

Exercise often and do it hard

Soldiers in boot camp can doze off within a few seconds. They always crave sleep and can’t get enough of it. It’s very rare to encounter a soldier with insomnia. The reason for this is the amount of physical training that they go through.

When your body is fatigued, it craves sleep so that it can rest and repair itself. One of the best ways to end insomnia is to exercise as hard as you can on a regular basis. Forget the light dumbbells and leisurely walks by the park.

Opt for high intensity interval training, sprinting and work with heavier weights. You’ll be exhausted by the end of your session and by nightfall, you’ll throw yourself on the bed and be asleep in minutes.

Do note that all exercise is best done early in the day. Do not exercise during the 4 hours prior to bedtime. You’ll just end up being more alert.

Don’t force it

One of the most common reactions from people struggling to fall asleep is that they try too hard. They look at the time and fret that they’re still awake and have less time to sleep. This aggravates them further and keeps them more awake.

You must not worry about the time. Even 2 hours of restful sleep can work wonders and leave you feeling refreshed. Focus on deep breaths. Most of us breathe shallowly. Deep breathing will oxygenate your body, calm you down and help you sleep.

Keep the room cool

To sleep well, you need to be comfortable. Keep your room cool and dark. It’s much more difficult to sleep when you’re perspiring and the room has light coming through it.

Use dark, heavy curtains if you need to. Light coming under the door? Use a rolled-up towel to block it off. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Use earplugs

Some people are very light sleepers and would probably wake up if a mosquito coughed. If you’re one of these people, you need earplugs. No doubt about it.

Get a good pair and you’ll filter out most ambient noises and sleep without interruptions. Flare have sone of the best sleeping earplugs on the market.

Magnesium supplements

Don’t panic. This is not prescription medication. You can purchase magnesium supplements over-the-counter from most health stores.

Considered as ‘nature’s tranquilizer’, consuming the recommended amount daily will help you to calm the mind and body. You’ll sleep better and be less prone to waking up earlier than you want to.

Embrace peaceful sleep

Incorporate these five simple yet powerful strategies into your routine to transform restless nights into peaceful slumbers. Remember, overcoming insomnia often involves a blend of physical wellness and mental calm.

Whether it’s through vigorous exercise, mindful relaxation, or creating the perfect sleep environment, each step brings you closer to the serene, rejuvenating sleep you deserve. Embrace these changes not just as habits, but as steps towards a more tranquil, stress-free life.

Sleep well.

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